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Indiana Institute for Prosthetics focuses on pain-free prosthetic design.  Our custom design process and patient-focused approach will provide you with the most comfortable fitting prosthetic device you have ever worn, or you do not pay a dime.




Our Research

Never satisfied with the status quo, we are actively partnering with world class institutions to explore meaningful advancements in our field.  Over the years, we have enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the University of Indianapolis Krannert School of Physical Therapy.  Each of the projects highlighted below were funded through University of Indianapolis InQuery Grants.   The Indiana Institute for Prosthetics is not only committed to providing unmatched clinical care for our patients, but to blaze new trails for our entire profession.  Our active research program has already translated into tangible benefits for our patients with more exciting projects to come:

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The Relationship of Prosthetic Socket Design and Gait Characteristics in Amputees with Transfemoral Amputations.

Here we challenged and assessed the foundations of modern transfemoral socket design. In past research, much attention had been given to arm, knee and foot components, but very little to the sockets themselves. We believe that the socket is the most important part of a prosthesis (our patients would agree), and want to lead the charge in fully understanding them to make them better – this project gave us new understanding in this arena.


Pilot Testing of a Novel Axial Rotation Unit in Individuals with Transfemoral Amputations.

This research investigated a new, prototype torque absorber developed by Mr. Habecker. We were pleased to partner with the University of Indianapolis for this exciting project. The nature of the project remains confidential, but is focused on vastly improving the comfort and ease of walking for transfemoral (AK) amputees.


Gait Characteristics and Associated Secondary Conditions in Persons with Transfemoral Amputations: The Effect of Prosthetic Modifications.

Drawing from our past research, we were able to study the effects of walking with a transfemoral prosthesis on the “sound-side limb” and observe the ways that gait, stability and function can be maximized through prosthetic design.


Out of the Lab – Into Development!

After extensive laboratory research, we are excited to be moving into clinical trials with a titanium prototype of our proprietary torque absorber.  We have the privilege of partnering with a world-class P&O component manufacturer on this exciting project and will be continuing this development work into 2016 and beyond.


Walk this Way

After noticing a large need in the prosthetic foot marketplace, Mr. Habecker has developed a completely new prosthetic foot platform that will allow amputees to have a changing level of foot stiffness that is proportional to their activity.   The beauty of the design is accomplishing this with a lightweight structure and configuration.  The foot has secured a provisional patent and we are moving through initial rounds of prototyping and in discussions with various component manufacturers to bring it to life!

From the clinical side, we are also actively collecting data on our patients that will help explain various limb changes over time and assess the influence of various components on overall performance.  This important information will help create predictive models for clinical best practices and allow us to constantly improve the standards for the entire prosthetic field.